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What once was lost, now is found… and I. R. Famous, too!

June 24, 2009

I was digging through some paperwork I keep in a storage box in the closet – you know – those ‘fireproof’ boxes you buy to keep important stuff in…

I found my aforementioned writing award. I was ecstatic! I thought I’d left it behind with other non-essential paperwork in storage in Kansas when I left, but there it was.

Had. To. Frame. And. Display. It. Now….!

No empty frames in the house! What to do?!

I reached over and yanked a frame off the dresser, pulled out a pic of my former writing partner (among former other things) and his son, and crammed the award in its place – and it now sits on my bookshelf next to my PC where I can see it constantly as I write, and remind myself of who I really am.

And I’m famous folks. That’s right – I’m a freaking celebrity now. Please line up quietly and orderly for autographs.

No – I haven’t received word on being published yet. It takes a bit longer than this. Weeks, sometimes even months, before you hear anything back, depending on who you submit to.

I’m famous nonetheless though!

I made the blogroll of an online acquaintance of mine that I’ve followed for a while and admire very much. She’s witty, funny, smart as hell, and pure unadulterated Texas – just like me.

Go ahead – check her out – she’s on my blogroll too. Click on ‘Miso’.

Crap LK… now that your high traffic blog has me on your blogroll, I’m feeling the pressure. Now I have to be all entertaining and shit!

But truly – in all seriousness – I’m quite honored!

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  1. June 25, 2009 11:38 am

    I’ve decided that I fully intend to be published before I die.

    And at 50, I’d better hurry. I’ve been on TV….been on the radio. I’ve been at home on a leisurely Sunday afternoon and looked up just in time to see on of my commercials running. Had my face on a billboard.

    However, nothing is more satisfying for me anyway, than seeing my name in print. Writing is more a part of me…and exponential part that I want the world to see. The now age riddled face and body that houses that ability is irrelevant to me. I’m a writer, dammit.

    And so are you.


  2. June 25, 2009 11:46 am

    At 51… 52 in November – I’m hurrying too. Not too fast though, if I intend to achieve my goals. It’s a part of me too, and seeing my name in print has been satisfying as well, what little there’s been. I also found the clippings from the interviews that were done with me after I won my writing award (which I took a pic of and will proudly display here if I can ever find the farking camera cord!) and I remember now how good that felt. I’d forgotten, also, that my comp instructor not only said I’d made him prouder than any student he’d ever had – he also called me a ‘brilliant writer’… high praise from a man published in academic circles. Yep. I’m a writer. And yep. You are too.

    Let’s shake this shit all up.

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