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Self-Discipline Part Deux

August 2, 2009

Burnout. I haz it.

I’ve been writing practically non-stop for months, and I’m so tired of it at the moment that I can’t even bring myself to compose a letter to #2 son.

I have no deadlines at the moment, so I have no motivation to keep going.

I have a bunch of stuff done that needs polishing, but I’m not touching it.

I have another month of NaNo coming up soon and I need to write an outline so I don’t have the mess I had last year, but I’m not doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I need a break, but my history has been to write in spurts like I’ve been doing, then never write again for months. That, my friends, has got to change. I fear I’m going to continue in my usual pattern and not be ready to write come November.

I need motivation. What do you do when you’re burned out, the break’s been long enough, and you need to get back with it? Where do you look for the muse?

I’m so burned out an expected rejection letter would be good right now, in hopes it would piss me off enough to kickstart me. LOL

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