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Overcoming Writer’s Block

January 20, 2010

Yes, I know. It’s been done to death.

I’ve never really talked about what I do to overcome it. I use the same tools to overcome this as I do burnout. I figured out why I’m not beating this burnout stage lately.

I use nature.

A walk outdoors somewhere, a weekend trip to a remote area full of nature…

I walk around backwards a lot – like my old composition professor used to advise me to do. Gives you a new perspective on your surroundings.

It’s winter. Being outdoors isn’t a pleasant thing to do right now. I had one of those ‘duh’ moments today, realizing that.

For the past two years, I’ve blamed NaNo. Writing at a furious pace for a month and not wanting to pick up a cyberpen again till spring.

It isn’t NaNo though – it’s winter. Hence.. no outdoors, and little inspiration.

I have Anne Rice on my Facebook friends list, and she posted this video the other day, talking about writer’s block. I thought it was pretty basic stuff, but good nonetheless. I never would have thought of movies helping to overcome it. Reading, yes, but for me, movies are just a way to kick back and be entertained. Apparently it works for her though.

I asked her if I could use this here, and she never responded. I’m sure my comment got lost in the dozens she had. I went to you tube, and found it, and it’s open for viewing, the link was there for embedding, so it’s okay for me to use it.

What do you do to overcome? Anything different from the norm? Quirky stuff? Share 🙂

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