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Walking around the house backwards

February 7, 2010

As the search continues for my own writing niche… I keep trying new things to kickstart my heart.

Keeping in mind my old and dearest loved professor’s advice on walking around the house backwards… that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I go places I haven’t been before, at least in circumstances I haven’t been in before. I do things I never would have done before, either because the thought of them scared the bejeezus out of me, or they just never occurred to me.

I’m walking around my house backwards.

First – I went into downtown Chicago alone – at night. I attended a function I wanted to go to – alone.

No way would I have done either of the above not too long ago.

Walking around the loop alone after dark? Me? Are you nuts?

I did it, though, and I got to attend the event I wanted to attend – and I found myself enjoying the city alone at night.

I saw, on my way out of the train station, and on my way back in, homeless people, trying to sleep – on benches, even on the stairs. I had to pick my way around a couple of them to get out the door and onward to my destination. I tried to be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb their rest.

Afterwards, I had some time before boarding my outbound Metra back towards home, so after I grabbed a quick bite at McDonalds inside Union Station (and giving some money to a man standing outside the doorway holding a cup) I ventured back outdoors, through the Canal St. doors, and leaned on the railing watching the Chicago River drift by dimly lit in places by the glow of the skyscraper lights.

I lost a few more bucks to another panhandler while I was out there. LOL.

But… I got ideas. Ones I want to develop. The intended purpose of the evening was fulfilled. Well worth the cost of a train ticket, a meal out, and less than 10 bucks in handouts.

I’ll be stepping outside my comfort zone again a bit later in the month. Another successful author will be reading in Naperville on the 23rd – and I plan to go. He writes numerous things – and in genres/venues I’m not a big fan of. So why go?

I’m walking around the house backwards.

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